Sara Obando Lacey



Thank you for visiting my portfolio. Browse the categories to the right to see my work.
I graduated in June 2016 with a bachelor of arts in visual arts, with an emphasis in graphic design. I have 3 years of experience as an in-house web graphic designer and content manager, and 6+ years as a freelance designer and blogger. I enjoy working with websites: coding their layouts, organizing text and images in the perfect balance, and designing graphics for content and social media. I also like the whole process of promoting products: photo shootings for the individual objects, editing to perfection, and creating any promotional graphics that go with it—getting it ready to find life in the online world.
I've had a fascination with websites since I was 12, when I created my first website. Wanting to control the look and feel of it, I started to learn about graphic manipulation and web layouts. Back in the day, I didn't even know about graphic/web design, or content management. I just had fun doing it, and wanted to run pretty websites. While doing so, I taught myself how to use Photoshop, and how to write HTML/CSS, which has come in very handy.
In 2010 I started my university education in Mexico City, Mexico, pursuing a licentiate in Graphic Design. Three years later, I decided to move to Provo, USA, and finish my education there. One of the best results of attending two completely different universities in very different cities was the very different approaches on design that the people around me had. I have created my own approach based on all of that, and I hope you can get an idea of it through my work presented in this portfolio.
All content in this website was designed by me, unless any collaborations are specified. 

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